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As an employer with less than 50 full-time employees, group healthcare may not be an affordable option: however, providing healthcare expense relief to your employees at a tax savings is option you may want to explore.

With a Qualified Small Employer HRA, you enjoy the flexibility of choosing the plan option that works best for your company. Want expenses reimbursed? Want to allocate a set amount qualified expenses?

You can simply choose from three plans.

Insurance premium reimbursement only: Allows an employer elected dollar amounts ( subject to federal limits) available participants who have a Minimum Essential Coverage for themselves. For individual plans only: does not cover a group policy premium from a spouses plan.

Medical expenses and individual medical premiums: Allows medical claims for any 213d expense as well as a premium reimbursement

Medical expense only: Covers medical expenses that the employer allows under IRS 213d: may cover all subset of expenses under the plan

Three tangible benefits when implementing these types of plans:

  • Ease of use
  • Increase Employee satisfaction and loyalty
  • Save time and Money

Employer Features

• Maximizes employee healthcare benefits.
• Provides tax savings for employers and employees alike.
• Works for small employers who do NOT offer group health insurance to employees.
• Improves competitive advantage with employers offering group health coverage.
• Simplified administration with our easy-to use web portal.
• Facilitates confidence and peace of mind with money back and audit guarantees.
• Attracts and retains qualified employees.

Employee Features
• Multiple ways to obtain information: via website and IVR/telephone.
• Fast reimbursements.
• Convenient email notifications for status of reimbursement requests.
• Helpful Customer Care Center.
• Online submission of reimbursement requests and direct deposit set up.
• Online history and status of reimbursement requests, and plan balance tracking

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  • Group Health
  • Voluntary
  • Telemedicine
  • Commercial Insurance
  • Payroll
  • HRIS
  • Compliance

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