Enabling technology or resisting it?

Jumping into to your business challenges on the daily.


Every business is trying to produce more work with less staff, and its imperative to integrate business functions into a single source, automate procedures, increase efficiency and save money.

So with numerous Payroll Providers all claiming to be great how does an administrator know who is legit and who is Fugazy?

The numerous systems processing time and attendance, payroll, benefits and human resources is not only disparate but expensive as well.  These essential company task are known as Human Capital Management and one solution can manage it all.

iSolved is a cloud-based HCM technology and a Premier Partner of TaylorSolutionGroup that will give you complete control from hire to retire in one single database.

Game changing visibility to these mission critical areas of the business that demand attention. All of your core HR functionality is accessible from anywhere, anytime in a completely secure environment. Managing the business with a single point of entry to access all of the company data from a computer or mobile device that is connected to the web.

Got compliance with your current provider or set up?

It’s incredibly difficult to navigate today’s compliance maze, remain compliant and avoid costly penalties. With our Partner you can easily build reports to make mission critical reports, id trends, isolate trouble brewing within the business, and gather critical data to manage compliance.

Lastly TaylorSolutionGroup Brokerage clients receive this technology substantially reduced or in some cases complimentary. What is your organization paying and does it afford you all of the benefits below?

If not let’s get you right quickly with a consult for PEPM based preferred TaylorSolutionGroup client pricing model, and run all the payroll you need without getting fleeced.

Our last success story positioned themselves to save more than 40% when we bench marked their 2017 FY spend against our solution with improved technology.

Keep your hard earned chips out of your payroll providers Salsa.

Game on!






*SaaS technology stays current                                              *Single data entry point                            *Single login

*Integrate your entire HR duties  into one system             *Increase data entry accuracy                  *Manager self-service

*build the reports you need to make critical decisions      *simplify operation                                     *executive dashboard

*iSolved changes with your needs                                          *no more running imports or exports     *new hire wizard

*non-interruptive upgrades                                                     *increase organizational productivity     *employee self-service

*facilitates compliance                                                              *report writer                                               *employee data visible for all functions







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