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Quality health care means ensuring the right diagnosis and the right treatment. All to often, patients are unsure about their medical care and don’t have the tools to find the answers they need. TaylorSolutionGroup has a program that helps people facing any type of medical uncertainty ensuring they are on the optimal path of care.

This program solves the unsolvable in health care. We will address the most complex, critical and costly problems you and your members face by combining expert clinical analysis with a premium member experience. TaylorSolutionGroup and its partners provide a trusted resource that your employees can count on to help them at arguably at their most vulnerable point in their treatment journey.

The program works by reviewing all of the medical information in a member’s case, by identifying the issues and consulting with a world class-expert for the recommendations on the case. The focus of this effort is one thing: helping the member receive the right diagnosis and they are on the optimal treatment plan.

Medical information is fragmented in out health care system and often causes over-worked doctors to make decisions on the basis of incomplete information, lack of expertise or lack of time. Fortunately, we have this program that is a non-biased export report which helps all parties involved in the members care.

Once the expert examines the case and answers any questions your member has their findings and recommendations securely delivered to the member. A clinician reviews the experts report with the member to ensure they understand the experts recommendations. No travel or lodging cost are needed as results can be reviewed in the comfort of your members home.

This program contains cost for not only your employees/members, but for the employer as well, by ensuring the right care to your workforce wherever they are in the world.

Consider the following results of the program for employers members after expert reviews have been conducted.

39% had a change in diagnosis

72% had a change in treatment

The right care is delivered and misdiagnosed expensive treatments can be corrected along with the unnecessary expenses they create.

Results like these are a positive for your employees and you as the employer have the ability to manage cost with this granular level visibility on major decisions of treatment plans. Remember losses divided by premium = your loss ratio and a main component of your rate model getting an increase or decrease. So if there is a misdiagnosis or high level health issue at play you want your employee and company armed with data that positions you to manage cost while getting effective treatment in play.

This can truly be a win for your employees, company morale and ultimately your cost!

Connect with us if you want to learn how this can be implemented at your company on or off your group health renewal cycle.


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