What is in a name and why its should not be used as a qualifier of validation

Jumping into to your business challenges on the daily.

Often we are challenged when presenting our Practice to perspective clients with who is TaylorSolutionGroup? Its a question that is asking for validation of who are we and what do you want.

Of course its a fair ask but the purpose of this brief read is to peel back the why?  Every company has to have a beginning of the branding process, this entails putting out a cadence on the Who, What and Why.

The Who.

Our practice has over 15 years in Employee Benefits and Property & Casualty Insurance Brokering for some of the most well know names in this industry. Liberty Mutual, Wausau Insurance, Hub International,  Xerox, ADP, and some lesser know shops to round things out.

The What

So those past employer stops have uniquely provided us a front seat experience on how these organizations run their business and what it took to bring value and improve upon these operations. We have sold and serviced some of the largest national and regional brands in the country.  Dr Pepper Snapple, Neiman Marcus, Commercial Metals (US operations only) Block Buster Video (remember them) Atrium Doors & Windows, Toni & Guy Hair Salons and countless other organizations that are no less important than these familiar names just mentioned.

The Why

We have taken these deals from the who are you to the I am glad you were so persistent in your professionalism and willingness to see through what was promised while being delivered. It takes a servant mentality to really want to learn and improve the business processes of clients/prospects so that there is no question on meeting service level agreements and keeping recurring revenue on the books once sold. Is it challenging yes but when done right it provides the glue that keeps the relationship together when inevitably it will be tested.

Which has us at our destination now.

A Practice that is not well known but uniquely qualified working to earn the trust and opportunity to solve some of your greatest challenges in Payroll-HRIS -Insurance -Compliance -Integration.

So what is in a name and why it should not be used as a qualifier of validation?

The same tenacity, vision and commitment to your business as the founder or founders of the company you work for! You are either working very hard for your dream or someone else’s vision.

This is what truly lies in our name!


Out-Behaving the competition one client at a time.

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