Tele-medicine and why your Insurance provider wants it both ways.

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Tele-medicine is a cost effective way for employers to help drive cost out of the overall health care spend, but sadly Insurance companies have found a way to deincentivize its use. Most major Insurance companies have this option available for use by requiring a co-pay before access to care is granted using this model. Now there may be those who say what is the problem with this? I can use when needed and its not expensive (depending on your co-pay and these fees can be all over the place)

What is being missed here is the opportunity to drive cost out not add it to the equation. Ex: A family of four has a monthly premium being deducted for a employer sponsored health plan, and if the tele-med component is available there is an additional fee to use this convenience every time there is a need. Now every house hold is different but if your has kids, then you can see how this will add up every time there is a cold, bump, bruise, fever or anything else that children attract on a daily basis. Yes you have the convenience to speak with a Doctor, but you will pay for it every time and the monthly payroll deduction for insurance will still come out on top of what was paid for the tele-med visit as well.

This is in our opinion is a missed opportunity by Insurance companies to encourage healthy behavior by making it inexpensive for access and not a situation where you could in theory be paying more because the convenience factor blinds you to the cost.  We all want access to care but it should be not be packaged as convenient when really it is just as if not more expensive.

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